Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The Fall of Boxxy

After an epic two week struggle, an explosive final day seems to have brought an end to the most bizarre and controversial net saga for some time. Boxxy’s Youtube was hacked. 

Now I’ll warn you that this blog entry is at various times confusing, pointless and contains much more conjecture, speculation and opinion than the first entry. If you think the author of this blog has too much time on their hands, then you’re absolutely right. If you don’t have a basic grasp on this situation and the websites mentioned, this will all sound like nonsense. Hell, even if you followed the whole thing this will still sound like nonsense.

The particulars of this final event took place over 2 days (17th-18th Jan) on several threads on 4chan, which often ran simultaneously so were hard to follow, with the real crux occurring in private chat rooms beyond the view of this writer, thereby creating much confusion and the need to speculate. 

This entire case demonstrates some rather brutal realities of current internet culture, with lessons for all of us. 

The seemingly cold case was blown open not by /b/‘s failed ‘Operation Valkyrie‘, but by ‘Operation [Removed]’ - perpetrated by a group of at least 11 people under the banner ’Center for Boxxy Control and Restriction’ (CBRC), who appeared to have splintered from /b/ and retreated to a private chatroom in order to carry out their plan away from the frequent bans and nonsense on 4chan. 

Boxxy is now a meme

This group apparently contains remixer of Boxxy’s videos gastricpenguin - namedropped in her Jan 9th video, who appears to have gone undercover as a friendly face, to act as a go between linking her to the CBRC. 
He even divulged some of the (admittedly harmless) private messages Boxxy sent to him on Youtube, which were posted on /b/, tut tut! After her Youtube account was attacked, a CBRC file was leaked onto 4chan by a defector, containing much of their research.


An apparent moderator lapse this past Sunday allowed Boxxy threads to populate /b/ again and remain active for longer than usual before deletion. A sudden new burst of information appeared. This meant /b/ and CBRC were working simultaneously, with /b/ about a day behind in terms of known information. 

Boxxy’s downfall was in the failure to effectively cover up the trail of accounts she has used over the years. The discovery of a much earlier Youtube account was the breakthrough. This account contains a video from December 2006, showing a girl with a strong resemblance to Boxxy, who calls herself ‘Catie’ - one of the first names mooted by /b/ as a possibility way back on ermm…January 5th. The account has not been logged into for a year.

Boxxy in December 2006

Anyway, initial doubters that this more reserved, eyeliner free girl was indeed Boxxy were quickly dismissed with a CSI style visual match that virtually confirmed it. Click to see.

From the information on the old Youtube, a Myspace account was found. The current version of the account seems to be wiped clean, with the username changed to keyboard gibberish. However, Boxxy was caught out again, this time by the Google cache which stored the page as it appeared in November 2008, as well as the first page of photos. The photo page was filled with art relating to Gaiaonline - including the user MoldyLunchboxx. A direct match. 

These pages also suggest, with a high certainty, that Boxxy - for two solid weeks the target of constant sexually orientated comments, death threats and general aggressive unpleasantries posted all over 4chan and Youtube, is not the variously quoted 22, 21 or 18, but only 16 years old.

An unfortunately prescient statement from Boxxy's old Myspace

To add to the confusion, there are at least 2 more Myspace accounts belonging to Boxxy, all of them locked out with radically altered info. One of these was last visited January 6th, which matches the date she posted her own photos on 4chan. However the final knockout blow was not in these cached Myspace pages, but another website (I will not be specific) which allowed those tracking her to find her full name, from which the hackers presumably deduced her email address.

Queen of /b/

Whilst these snippets of info were filtering through to /b/, some strange activity was seen. A thread appeared, with Boxxy’s full name, and a previously unseen, high resolution photo, followed quickly by another. The OP claimed to be at the same school as her, but in Collierville, Tennessee, in the face of substantial ties to California. Instructions were given to ‘ruin her life’.

One of the suspicious posts

Accusations began to fire. Just who would want to try and throw people off the trail and confuse them, and who would have a new, large photo of her? Boxxy herself, or a close accomplice was the consensus. They must have caught wind of her full name being found, and merely be attempting to mitigate the damage by stirring the pot with false leads. 
It sounded semi-plausible, but, unbeknownst to the vast majority of /b/ at that moment, the CBRC had long since uncovered a photobucket account which was later seen to contain the same photos, so the implication is obvious, members of the CBRC were trolling /b/ with the photos in a attempt to throw them off, as they themselves were close to breaking into her accounts and did not want Anonymous to do it first.

Multiple alleged addresses and phone numbers were posted on a thread. I am unaware of what the poster was basing his claims on. There then followed some absurd and disturbing posts by people who claim to live nearby, saying they were going to drive over and take a look. We have no way of verifying if they were telling the truth, or if any of the claimed locations were in any way accurate but the mere possibility of this is shocking indeed. Thankfully, these were almost certainly fake - one of the addresses was a mall, one of the phone numbers was for a chiropractor.

Yes, this actually happened....

Within a couple of hours, CBRC had breached her Youtube account, via successfully guessing the secret answer for her email account, deduced from the stack of information they uncovered. Or phishing her with a fake email, depending on who you listen to. They then made her videos private, uploading a video warning her to never post another video again. This attracted 1000 comments within an hour and became the most commented video of the day on Youtube. So that brought it to an end, in theory. They had removed the ‘cancer’. 

Rapidly, the comments for their video began to fill with alleged lists of the IP’s of CBRC members. The claimed source is a ‘4chan admin’. Vengeance is promised. (Tip: nothing will happen.) For some reason, the hackers videos were then removed, with the original videos restored. On January 20th, the boxxybabee account was suspended. 

They probably won't

So after all that, was the ‘chemo’ even effective? No, not really. A look at /b/ will reveal Boxxy threads are still being posted. By essentially martyring the Boxxy meme, CBRC have simply created a new groundswell of people willing to troll with her image, as well as genuine resentment at their actions. 



The actions of CBRC present some moral conundrums. Their methods could be construed as either harmless net detective work to eliminate the account of someone that was being used as a means of ruining the online experience of many people, or flat out highly invasive stalking. 

At the end of the day, it’s just the internet. It is taken far too seriously. A girl made some videos for her friends on Gaiaonline, which became popular through no fault of her own. She then did what most people would do, and responded to this intense interest with another innocent and harmless video. What could go wrong?

Now she has her name, age, dozens of photos, school, internet accounts, alleged phone numbers, and alleged location available online, along with the details of several uninvolved friends. Nobody could have predicted she would create so much chaos, not least Boxxy herself. She had no idea what she was getting herself into by posting a response video.

This entire debacle ultimately stems from those who spammed /b/ with her image and pissed off so many people. CBRC, in attacking the ‘cancer’ had no choice but go to for the head of the snake, as it were. But then we must ask, so what? 4chan is just an image board. Is it really that important? What right does Anonymous, CBRC or anyone else have to dictate what Boxxy can do online, or what other people post? Again, the internet is taken too seriously, by all parties (especially me).

The CBCR warning

It all boils down to this: a 16 year old girl had the details of her life published online, because some people didn’t like how often other people posted pictures of her. That is bullshit. That is ludicrous. There is no way to justify it.

Will Boxxy return? Not likely, if she has any sense. While CBRC members can be seen gloating and goading about their victory over a teenager on Youtube, the entire episode has a sad end, as Boxxy is intimidated, effectively blackmailed, to never post another video. If she does, she will likely cause herself substantial unnecessary hassle.

The lesson for all of us here, obvious as it is, is to think about what you divulge online. Is your Myspace secure? Is your Facebook account private? What forum accounts contain your details, and can they be traced and linked to each other? Everything you write online can potentially be linked, as if it were a jigsaw, and a profile of your life built up. I know plenty of people who have publicly viewable Facebook accounts containing their D.O.B, phone numbers, emails, addresses, places they work, go to college and so on. This is lunacy. This is asking for trouble. Boxxy didn’t do this, yet was still tracked down. 


We could commend the CBRC for this statement, in which they acknowledge that Catie was naïve about what might happen and just what 4chan/the internet is capable of, and that their threats are ‘empty and psychological’, as opposed to the specific threats seen on 4chan. They go on to say ‘no one has any actual reason to ruin her personal life’. 

We could commend, but it looks like little more than empty gesture on their part. It’s all well and good saying that in hindsight, but the fact is, they failed to secure their own clique, and their little dossier of information about her is now online. Realistically, they have to say that, to appear rational and humane in the face of a situation they explicitly helped develop. It is the following quote from their statement that lays it out:

“First, we, CBCR, pretty much made all the breakthroughs in the investigation. I don't care if it sounds arrogant, but if you look through our now-leaked dox, you can see that everything that was found on 4chan was found by us beforehand.”

There is much scope for speculation here. In my view, CBRC were the only people who had enough interest left to want to pursue information on Boxxy. The fact that they allowed a document to leak, combined with the suspicious posts trying to mislead /b/, leads to the conclusion that the majority or all new leads that made it onto /b/ came from consistent leaks from the CBRC. If so, the sad conclusion of this episode is entirely their fault. They say there is no reason to ruin her personal life, but if someone does, they facilitated it.

/b/ summed up in one post

Yes, it is possible that Anonymous would have uncovered all of her information on their own, but much less likely, owing to the number of bans being handed out for discussing her, the waning interest in her, and the overall lack of organization of Anonymous. If she had simply not released any more videos (and CBRC state they did not believe she would release any more, based on the reaction to her Jan 9th video), and CBRC had done nothing, interest would have taken its natural course towards the exit, and she would have retained her privacy.

Give people anonymity, and they become de-individuated, whether it be on an image board or in a rioting mob. The same internet machine that could propel you to the top of the Youtube charts and hand you online fame will happily chew you up and spit you back out just as quickly, with zero remorse or consideration for the consequences. This is the reality of the internet today, this case is not the first, and surely not the last. Catie, at least, well and truly learnt the power of the world wide web. Somehow, I doubt that will be of much consolation to her.

P.S. There are a succession of imposter accounts on Youtube. Not a single one has a shred of authenticity, don’t be fooled.

A few examples of fakes:

And of course: 

P.P.S Some distasteful and blatantly fake photoshopped news items are being posted on /b/ claiming Boxxy is dead. The fakes are very poorly written and contain numerous flaws. Again, don’t be fooled.


  1. FANTASTIC, i hope that your blog will open the eyes of all the IDIOTS out there andthey will leave Catie alone, its sickning when the did to her. Thanx for all your work im sure Catie is very grateful :D

  2. Hi. I'm not with the CBCR, but I have seen the information they found (don't worry, I won't post anything here). Using that, I was able to find additional information that led to a probable last name. It doesn't match the email that CBCR found however (it could've been fake, a middle name, or something else), and that's where the search ends. She may have left a few accounts and pictures lying around, but nothing more. I don't think Boxxy will have to worry about any real-life harrassment.

  3. Man, you are a hero.
    Everything you said is so true. And I hope she will be left alone from now on.

  4. I should probably clarify that.

    Except for a possible name and some pictures, CBCR (as far as the rest of the internet knows) has only ended up where they started. Anybody who actually does want to stalk and/or harm Boxxy won't find anything more on the internet than a possible name and hometown. Despite their efforts, CBCR hasn't found anything that will put Boxxy at risk.

  5. Why was her account suspended? Her videos went back up in the few hours before the suspension.

  6. just in case you haven't noticed, mentioning the name of the operation is a big fault. it took google one sec to find the docs.

    please remove it.

  7. Boxxy did not fall.. she falls if we stop posting her images on 4chan, which won't be anytime soon..

    thank you.. STFU, GTFO attention faggot

  8. btw, boxxy is now international

  9. In one of the "find her" threads I watched, a guy challenged the original poster to set up a fight, if he was so badass. Someone posted a calm down pic, and the OP shut up.

    The guys keeping her on /b/ should realize memes don't have addresses, even if they didn't actually find one. And it's not "fight club" to harrass a 16 yr old.

  10. The entire story is quite horrid. I wish I could talk to Boxxy, just to say how sorry I am and that I support her. Anon and CBCR are horrible. Releasing Boxxy's docs, and physically putting her in danger? I think this has been the last straw of my tolerance for anon. The internet may not be serious business, but when you take it to real life, with real harm, it is.

    I hearby officially condemn /b/.

    Excellent article by the way. Very informative.

    1. Anonymous isn't an organisation. It is the idea that one man or woman can throw an a objective or goal into a crowd of people, and should the people in the crowd be persuaded, the people in the crowd will move collectively together to achieve said goal.

  11. Nice article, very informative. What happened to Boxxy could happen to anyone. Makes the internet a scary place but very real.

    I hope everything ends here.

  12. just shows that socializing on the internet is dangerous. and websites like facebook and myspace can be harmful. then again. its her fault for going on a website as disturbing as 4chan. and being stupid enough to post her picture on there. i can imagine that her parents have probably banned her from using the computer and are monitoring her heavily. this should be a lesson to everyone else. never post any pictures or personal information on the internet. there is too many creeps out there

  13. Wow these accounts are incredibly accurate. Good job on documenting this.

  14. I'm still not seeing how Anonymous would ruin her life even if they had full dox. It's not like there are nudes of her floating around, or that she confessed to wanting to fuck her dog or something. At best people would order pizzas to her house or some retarded shit like that.

    I agree that she'll probably never be back, and that's a shame. If she's really a theatre girl, she'd realize that this is her opportunity for a big break that won't come along again. If she embraced being boxxy, what exactly would anyone be able to do about it?

  15. Wind back the clocks a week ago and this oldfag lurker was calling for blood. Given time to review everything I do feel sad for her. This article is an amazing work. I commend you for your recap of this event. I hope this site is not lost, and should be passed onto as many people as possible as a reminder of the bloodthirsty unbridled power laying dormant in the tubes, waiting to strike.

    Never forget.

  16. Nice write-up and I enjoyed the read. This is and forever will remain part of Internet history. Thanks for the weekly review!

  17. I find it really disturbing that people go to such lengths to find out who some-one is, where that person lives. I'd have to say I'm in the category who finds this "serious harassment and stalking" And seriously what do these death-wishes etc. have todo with anything of this, really mature people must have posted those, NOT.

    I dont understand why people, when they are anonmymouse, hiding behind their screenname, want to destroy the (online) lives of people who are just different.

    I've seen one of boxxy's own video's. All I saw was girl in her puberty behing slightly hyperactive, not knowing if she was enjoying the attention or not, irl she's probably more introvert, and this was a way for her to express herself. Now some no-name idiots are just ruining all that for her, do you guys think that she's happy now, after all that messing and attention? Ofcourse not, this will haunt her in our minds for maybe a month or so, but she might need so see a psychologist to get over this mass harassment from more people than you can immagine. I hope she has a very vivid spirit and will get over this soon.

    Well that was my thought on all the boxxie stuff, thanks for the excellent write-up of events, but really, even though you make non-offensive write-ups, please let it rest.

  18. as of now, her youtube is up once again.

  19. You sir, are brilliant. This was an incredibly stupid incident that, had the members of the CBCR not been so pressed, could have been avoided. Your analysis of the events based on speculation is amazing.

  20. Byzantinist, I'd like to discuss this with you in private please, so as not to cause another potential shitstorm. Here's my email:

    I'd prefer if only you email me.


  21. hello there,

    i am an author of this site
    but you wrote much more info than i would ever write :) thanks for this site

  22. Oh, owner?

    Why don't you email me too. I think we need to talk about a few things.

  23. If you are truly Eyrev, I do have some questions for you. I'm not trying to start a flame war, nor troll, nor get "lulz" just for /b/. I do not belong to anonymous. I know you probably won't devulge your information, but it cannot hurt to ask, for concern.

    Why did you collect these dox, and why did you allow their leak? Are you a subfaction of anonymous? Are you a neutral third party? What did you really hope to achieve? I'm very curious as to all these things and more.

    Please reply if you can, or email (on my account page here). I won't release any information should you happen to tell me, I solemly promise. I'm just a curious person and concerned about Boxxy's well being.

  24. I've found these posts to be a very concise and thoughtful (as well as thought-provoking) read. I agree with what many people have said- Boxxy, whoever she is, didn't deserve any of this. /b/ and especially CBCR should be ashamed of themselves- they're clearly guilty of Serious Business. I've seen some silly examples of Serious Business before, but this tops them all. It could be a meme in its own: HYPERACTIVE GIRLS ARE SERIOUS BUSINESS.

  25. Krint you can email me if you want, but you are quite mistaken regarding a lot of things.

    I'm not going to discuss this here.

  26. Fair enough. I suppose there's no guarantee that you'll actually give me information, or your e-mail won't torch my hard drive. Any feedback from the other people who e-mailed this guy?

  27. Royalexander: Regardless of whether or not the author of this blog "gives it a rest," people are still talking about her anyway. She has truly become a meme, and silencing the author will not prevent the thousands of people from discussing her at length. Two widely-distributed newspapers already published articles about her. (The Guardian and Metro) I, for one, feel that the author has done great service by at least giving the most accurate and detailed account of what has actually transpired. Like the author said, there are plenty of conspiracy theories being propagated, and I believe that we owe it to Boxxy to have the truth be known that she did not bring this upon herself knowingly. But rather, this phenomenon was just a twist of fate and the doing of the various parties mentioned here by the author. Being such a good actress that she is, I hope this story will highlight her talented performance so that she may possibly use it to her advantage in the future.

    Eyrev: I know you might regret what you have done or the way it was carried out, but your dumbass should have known. Nobody wants to hear your excuses.

    Krintix: I wouldn't be too worried about e-mailing him; just don't open any attachments. He hasn't demonstrated any "leet" hacking skills beyond guessing a 16 y.o. girl's password retrieval question using information about her found on the internet.

  28. Jeois: Again, you're only helping to propagate the meme if you discuss it in public here. Just PM me if you want to talk to me.

    And correct, your hard drive won't explode if you email me. I and my former group have very little knowledge regarding "hacking."

  29. I've read "the docs", there's nothing serious in there. it's all about information boxxy herself let go to the public.
    I don't know what's serious about knowing her name, age, and city? guessing a couple of her poorly protected email secret questions?
    c'mon guys, this is all BS.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. I read a really legit-looking post about a guy who found her phone number through facebook. he talked with her and got the real story behind the whole thing.

    Here's part of the post:

    Last night I talked to the real Boxxy for a half-hour or so. I found her number posted on a Facebook group, and called it. It was a Chicago area code. After a few rings it went to voicemail, and the message said something like "I don't know how you all got my number, but this is the real Boxxy. This guy is playing a prank on me. The girl in the videos isn't me. Sorry to say, but she's not a real person. I'll make some videos clarifying this, etc." I was a little suspicious, so I called back a couple of times, listening to her tone of voice, thinking about it, and so forth.

    A little bit later, I was surprised by a text saying "stalker."

  32. D.: That's Katarina Baker, the girl from Chicago. She's been trying to make people believe that she's the real Boxxy, and that the "fake" Boxxy was her former stalker's best friend who made the videos to mimic her. Katarina even changed all the titles of her Youtube videos to things like "The Real Boxxy" and tried to pass off her phone # as Boxxy's. Having seen the photos that CBCR found of the "real Boxxy" (whom Katarina is trying to pass herself off as), I can tell you that this is 100% BS and that Boxxybabee is the real Boxxy.

  33. I enjoyed reading both the articles on this blog. Fact remains that it still happened, and thats that.
    Boxxy was entertaining for a day or two, but after that it just got out of hand. Nothing wrong was really done here by both parties. It might have actually protected her in the long-run.

  34. so, the girl with this guy talk in the phone, is or not the girl on boxxy's video?

  35. Leonardo: The girl on the phone is not the girl in Boxxy's videos. The girl in Boxxy's videos is not fake.

    The girl on the phone does, however, have her own videos (such as After Boxxy became popular, she added "Boxxy" to the titles of all her videos to make people think that she was the "real" Boxxy.

  36. I've seen the "Real Boxxy" YT account and it is obviously showboating. Pretty sure that if this girl in Chicago had really been stalked and hassled over this whole thing she wouldn't be trying to advertise it and chatting over the phone to strangers about it.

    Besides, it's irrelevant. It's always been obvious that "Boxxy" isn't a real person. But we now know that Catie is real and everyone has seen that her personality differs from the one in the Boxxy videos. Even if it was intended to parody someone else, it is *her* performance that elicited all the strong reactions, so that is all that matters.

    I agree that she is unlikely to make any more YT videos, and is likely restrained by parental intervention by now. It's probably also true that some of her friends' parents are aware of everything that has leaked out. So her YT fame has been nipped in the bud, which is sad.

    OTOH, she has shown that she has very infectious improv acting talent, a pretty face, and a lot of jubilant energy. If she really does want to go to Hollywood and try to make it as a teen actress in the near future, this Boxxy jaunt may still prove to be a springboard for her in those efforts.

  37. I've read claims that CBCR intended to play "white knight" to the Boxxy situation and prevent harm to her by Anonymous by shutting her down before they did, in an attempt to clear her presence from /b/ as quickly as possible. But, to me, hacking and intimidation was the wrong route to follow.

    IMO, the correct route would have been to hound the 4chan mods into getting intensely serious about purging Boxxy related posts, both pro and con, from the entire bbs, permanently and without exception. If they had focused their concerted effort there, and convinced the admins that Boxxy, the real girl, could eventually be in danger if they didn't act, they might have made enough of an impression to get the job done.

    Boxxy should be free to do whatever she likes with her own material on YouTube, as there is no reason it can't be avoided religiously by the thusly inclined. Conversely, /b/ should be allowed to function as "normally" as it has ever been able to under its own power, free of constant bickering and distraction.

    In sum, the fault was with *the administering of the situation on 4chan /b/*, which had gotten out of hand and needed to be remedied, but *not* at the expense of hammering a poor teenage girl with threats, harassment, and public exposure of private information. This was */b/'s* problem (as perpetuated by lovers, haters, and pure trolls) and it was unjustly made into Boxxy aka Catie's problem.

    She should be given her freedom to create and post videos on YouTube again, but the misguided actions of others have made that all but impossible.

  38. boxxiebabee is actually her real *new* account, she wont be posting anymore video's though.

    im actually one of her friends, you'll see. eventually.

  39. ReMtOwN, you have got to be pretty darn stupid to believe that.

  40. If boxxiebabee is her real account then she hasn't logged on since she created it.

    who is the girl in that video?

  42. @David:
    I have to disagree that the aftermath of this phenomenon is the result of the mods inability to prevent discussion of her. I agree that the mods did have some role in this, but IMO their job is only to remove CP and other illegal activities. There's nothing "normal" about said imageboard's random forum. Contrary to popular belief, it was never good. The main selling point and why it is so popular is the no rules attitude that allows for frank and honest discussion of any topic however nonsensical or stupid. I don't wish to expound this further as it might digress into another newfag/oldfag/cancer debate (which is cancerous in of itself). I guess my point is that it shouldn't be easier to get away with organizing a DDoS on the target's own site than posting crap about Boxxy.

    I think the responsibility lies with each and every individual: the ones who fell for her and wouldn't stop posting her image and also the ones who took the the whole thing too seriously raging over practically nothing. Either way, the strong reactions she elicits shows that she is a talented actress who deserves my respect. On the other hand, those who forced her into hiding deserve my contempt.

    The whole "we got rid of her for her own good" idea is one of the most idiotic arguments if I've ever heard one. She's still being talked about regardless (see my earlier comment here). Those who are obsessed won't back off just because they don't see threads about her anymore. Remember, "leave britney alone" didn't work. It just made Chris Crocker e-famous by proxy. Now, we probably won't hear from the actual Boxxy for a long time while imposters and others continue using her to troll.

  43. The obsession with boxxy would have died down eventually on it's own without any intervention. And as many have already observed, the CBCR's actions have only made the situation worse, nevermind destroying a young person's privacy.

    If someone like me, who doesn't keep up to date with the net, and doesn't have regular internet access knows about boxxy, then what exactly was achieved here, apart from making her more widely known?

    Sure, she won't make any more videos, but that hasn't stopped her from being a bigger meme than she was before.

    The course of action taken by the CBCR was foolish to say the very least.

    What right does anyone have to prevent harmless self expression, just because they find it's popularity annoying?

  44. The fact that any of this actually happened hurts me to the very depths of my soul. My faith in mankind has reached a new low.

  45. @Chaotic: That is the one and only Boxxy, (not a fake making fun of a "real" boxxy, not a troll) aka the Catie that everyone is referring to.

  46. There is no "real" Boxxy. Not sure why all you people keep implying that the act is impersonating a specific person.

  47. @Eyrev, because of the claims of the woman from Chicago. She has been one contributor to the viral stream of dis/misinformation on this topic.

    @jeois, I agree that there was little motivation for the mods to start negating the presence of Boxxy from /b/ with extreme prejudice, so I'll have to concede that my ideal remedy was just that, too ideal to have been realistic.

    And you correctly point out that the Boxxy supporters and trolls should have restrained themselves by their own discretion, but many or most of them probably didn't look downstream sufficiently to grasp the implications of their actions. I'm sure little thought has been given to the private life of Rick Astley for similar reasons.

    All of this seems to point to a sense of inevitability surrounding this, which makes one wonder about what freedoms really exist for people via the internet, since anything they do can be replicated, altered, and propagated ad infinitum, such that they rapidly lose any semblance of further control over their "internet destiny" as it were.

    We have seen that "the Boxxy effect" is like a runaway train on which the originator of the material is no longer even a passenger, much less in the conductor's seat. And yet, when the train derails and smashes through to its final resting place, the damage left behind is blamed on the person at the beginning of the chain of consequences.

    We can reflect on the fact that Boxxy/Catie seems like a bright, cheerful, and talented girl, and yet now she has been both harassed in the present and restricted in her future choices in life. I think there is considerable irony in that, really.

  48. @jeois, you said: "Royalexander: Regardless of whether or not the author of this blog "gives it a rest," people are still talking about her anyway. She has truly become a meme, and silencing the author will not prevent the thousands of people from discussing her at length."

    And I don't see anything inherently wrong with that. The question has to be asked: WHY has she been "elevated" to meme status?" Is it because she is so annoying? A sizable chunk of the YouTube populace is annoying and it doesn't make them into memes. Boxxy was virally propagated because she stands out, even amidst a universe of would be stand-outs on the net.

    In short, she deserves to be talked about and virally propagated, which is the way internet exposure works, and it's growing more and more necessary for *everyone* in media professions to try to tap into that.

    But if her net based popularity turned around and torpedoed her within a matter of weeks, then where does that leave everyone else who wishes to create and ride similar waves?

    I think it leaves them hoping that, if a wave develops for them, it doesn't take a bad turn somewhere and end up passing through the nutty lower regions of the internet, because it will likely be transformed into something that benefits neither their career aspirations, nor their personal lives.

  49. who the f*** are these people to choose if someone is free to do his/her own videos and post them on youtube?
    I believe that by doing so and to a 16 year old girl you must be some real sociopaths fascists...hope you'll reap what you sow you bastards

  50. Wow now I regret typing 'boxxy' into google to see what all this was about :( Sad story

    Hope she is doing ok

  51. Wow this was just the first intelligent thing about all the boxxy phenomenon. Thank your for your investigation and comprehension! I hope that all those anonymous and weak idiots from 4Chan and all those haters out there just take a second and recall this one basic thought:

    "It all boils down to this: a 16 year old girl had the details of her life published online, because some people didn’t like how often other people posted pictures of her. That is bullshit. That is ludicrous. There is no way to justify it."


  52. Thanks for the info, I first read something about Boxxy in the Metro free paper the other day and decided to look at her videos today. (Never heard of /b/ or 4chan before!) Very detailed account of the whole thing, I had no real idea there was all that division and ill feeling out there. Wonder if she'll pop up again, who knows?

  53. Thanks for this. I don't want to hear any excuses from CBRC. Fuck them. They deliberately intimidated a kid because they didn't like how often other people posted her pictures and videos on their precious little image sharing website. That is fucking pathetic. They're a disgrace. They're also fascists. I hope Boxxy returns. She's a talented performer.

  54. The problem was not the making of her videos,
    but the fact that she is under age, and she accessed an adults-only section of the website.

    The mods had no way of knowing that she was under age.

    Boxxy claimed that a troll was impersonating her on 4chan initially, posting her pictures. If this is true, something needs to be done about this.

    What stops me from grabbing a random person's MySpace and then using their picture gallery to spam 4chan, getting them in trouble?

    4chan needs stricter rules against camwhoring.

    I don't think moot bans camwhores as a joke,
    I think he bans them because he knows what it can lead to, so he bans them to save them.

    Going back to the 4chan bans on Boxxy,
    most of the fans saw this as offensive.
    They thought the mods hated Boxxy,
    so they spammed more Boxxy threads in defiance.

    This is where the stupid cycle happens.
    4chan's administration needs to make it clear to the fans that they ban to help the girl,
    not the other way around.

    This also reminds me of how everyone's saying that Boxxy is the queen, and then some people were posting snapshots of her youtube profile showing that she herself said that she's not the queen. Boxxy herself wanted an out of the mess, and the mods were willing to help her do that.

    The only people that stood in her way were the fans.

    The CBCR fucked up, but it did do one thing right, it helped Cate. Boxxy is a persona, Cate is a human being.

    The fuck ups of CBCR that worry me consists of the failure to control its own members, who have control of the girl's accounts.

    Also, it helps to view Boxxy as a one trick pony. I doubt she could have kept the videos coming; she would have been slowly forgotten about regardless; at least the CBCR ended it with a bang; and this is what makes the three videos much more meaningful now.

    Boxxy is dead, but Cate is still alive and kicking.

    The CBCR gave Cate the time out she needed,
    and she may indeed use it wisely.

    I predict that she will be making private videos again eventually, but like always, some loser will leak it. This is where we, the community, have to learn to do the right thing,
    and not look, since it was the trolls and the leakers that started all of this.


  55. Am I the only one thinking this isn't as horrid as it sounds? I mean seriously, you needed Boxxy to tell you the internet is a bad place for teenagers with a webcam and a youtube account?

    /b/ acts like in that DJ Shadow track.. "if you don't tell them somebody will"

  56. you are dumb if you think that is actually W.T. Snacks in the group

    the first hint is that W.T. Snacks' name isn't "WT-Snacks"

  57. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  58. Uh... I feel kinda bad now. I'm the one that first discovered her on IAB. I expected her to be big, but I didn't expect her life to be ruined

  59. I love how poeple think that Anon can seem intimidating. All I do is just laugh at every futile attempt of Anon to corrupt people. For years anon has tried to gain power and acceptance within the real world and the internet world. Anon will never suceed, anon shall be a thing of the past.

  60. She has tourette syndrome, it's obvious from the little screams she did in FOAR ANT FRUM BOXXY (watch from 2:30).

    Basically she is always trying hard to avoid to do these short screams. She does physical ticks to calm her mind. Because when she gets too excited she probably do these screams. She seems very intelligent and aware of this problem and try to conceal it the best way she can.

    I've met someone with the exact same condition, behavior and attitude. They tend to be extremely happy and love everyone. Not fake, no acting, it is just too hard to fake tourette syndrome accurately for the whole length of the video at this age.

    If you don't believe me and want to learn more, ask a specialist to watch FOAR ANT FRUM BOXXY from 2:30.

  61. hugues-bc, it's more like a mild case of tourette syndrome. She's crushing over a boy, so naturally her adrenaline would be high.
    And since she was pretty young during that video, the adrenaline would have a greater effect on her body.

    It's just a case of teenage girl quirkyness.

    The third video, she had to make it obvious that it was the same girl as the first and second video, because she had aged so much.
    Remember that she was trying to expose the other account for being a fake.

    So she wore the same eyeliner style, same shirt, and then, to finish it up, she had to act the same as the first and second videos, even though her body now could counter-act the adrenaline. If she didn't, most people would have said, "You're not Boxxy, you're some random girl wanting to be her"

  62. Hopefully we'll hear something about how she's doing. I hope she's fine!

  63. I agree Rebel Probably mild tourette case and she has more control over it.

  64. Theres worse stuff on 4chan dan Boxxy an ppl are pissed about her its a joke they need to wise up like its not her fault if ppl spammed the site it wasnt her like pricks never learn

    does ne1 no how she is now?

  65. You correctly identified the mob passion and the viciousness that can build when people are anonymous and feel safe from retribution for their actions. Years ago we used to see flame wars on Usenet as vicious as this.

    What concerns me most about this (being an old guy) is that this was done to a young woman. There used to be an expectation that men would treat women with respect, even gentleness. No-one but trash would violate that ethic.

    Now I'm afraid it's lost for good.

  66. Great post, I look at this whole Boxxy situation with a bitter taste in my mouth. Catie/Boxxy had some of her personal information released for idiotic reasons, "we find her videos annoying" thats fucking great, don't watch it then. "omg but we gotta hack her so we can get wut we want lololo"

    What I WANT to know is since her information regarding her full name and home town is released, even if Boxxy releases another video what more can they blackmail Boxxy with? They already have her information out, they did as much research as they could, how can they threaten her again? I hope we can soon find out what has happened to her. I want to see some kind of ending that isn't completley a mess. Fuck /b/, they have to get their way.

  67. Boxxy is back. Check on Boxxyakamouldybread for two new vids...

  68. the rumors about her being dead are probably a fabrication made by her and her friends to turn everyone away from her.

  69. i am going to find 4chans cbcr or whatever the fuck its called and destroy them thell regret ever hurting boxxy

    may the be condemed to hell

  70. 4chan's website, you will never find a more wrecthed hive of scum and villiany. You must be catious.

  71. I love how pathetic these guys are.

  72. Actually no, what we witnessed here was not the destructive power of the internet. What we saw was the ugliness of Americans, who increasingly are just evil and selfish. Ruin a 16-year-old's life for the hell of it? Sure, why not. That's freedom.

    Sooner or later though, freedom from conscience usually leads to hard time. The trolls who called themselves CBCR will individually screw up and get nabbed for tax evasion, theft, or the rape/murder of girls who said no. In jail they will be used by other inmates the way they tried to use little Boxxy.

    At which point I'd have to say, couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of guys.

  73. I Dare CBCR to try their bullshit with me... They wont get very far.. and If they did (By some miraculous stroke of luck) Show up at my house... I'd most likely punch all of them in the face... Then feed on the remains of the corpses of the faggots.

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  75. i cant believe that people would want to do that to someone like that...i know i hadnt known about her till recently, but from what she talked about and mentioned in her videos made me want to be friends with her. it seems though that now because people had to go and do what they did that is a shot in the dark.

  76. @scropion
    Yeah I never understood the whole "omg I wanna marry her" thing either, just thought she seemed like a nice person.

  77. boxxy is my hero!!!! /B/ FTW!!!!!!

  78. every time someone becomes a big hit some ahole has to come in and mess with them. they cant just leave them alone

  79. one thing can be said from this, it shows how stupid and selfish some piss arse mofo's are. they ruined a teenagers privacy because people spammed her on "their" website.
    this story is so idiotic and annoying aggravating, i haven't felt this annoyed for ages.

    i dont care if CBCR or "Eyrev" were trying to do they just made it a whole lot worse.

    and im a bit confused
    what were the anonymous part in this
    can someone explain?

  80. she was a regular girl who just made a couple little vids, and now she cant even lead a normal life!

  81. I just wonder what happend to her...

  82. hope she uses this to help her in life, but I doubt she will, most often people just fizzle out.

  83. <3 i luvz you boxxy please come back <3


  84. These people who think they can remain anonymous better realize that people who care can stop them. This small percentile of twits are trying to be super villains in a world of heroes.

  85. Wow, I didn't even know this whole Boxxy thing was like this. I just thought they were some pop. vids that got removed for something. This is an outrage. No one, including CBCR, should be allowed to do this. But, that's what moot allowed when he first created 4chan. Complete anonymity is NEVER good. EVER! Now this young girls livelihood was put in danger all for the sake of ANONYMITY. Sad.

  86. People are just fucked up in the head.. Im sorry boxxy that this ever happened to you.. Hell i dont even know you but from what i read you did everything right and still you got fucked in the end. No one should be threatened and endlessly messed with the way you were.. You will probably never read this but it makes me feel better to say sorry lol.

    And to the CBRC and /b/ Fuck every single fucking one of you. You are all fucking pieces of shit you no life losers..

  87. Boxxy: the story of a group of people who didn't like someone and took this to the extreme for no other reason than their dislike. The CBCR are sick bastards to have focused so much energy on the destruction of a 16 year old girl's internet life. What cause could be so important that it was worth what Boxxy was put through? The only answer is none. She did not intend what happened to happen and she is not some object that should be removed if it causes trouble. She is a person with a life and the CBCR had no place knocking her down the way they did.

  88. @lixxus

    Her parents didn't ban her, she's still on gaia.

    I'm sure her parents are worried and scared about the boxxy situation. Not being a bitch to her about it. She's only 16 for gods sake.

  89. I think what they did was wrong...but its a BAD idea to criticize /b/. their army could do this to anybody they wanted

  90. Sure, Boxxy maybe gone but yeah Cate is still around shes just being her now, still interneting around, we might even bump into her some day.

  91. classic case of net bullying.
    Some people need to grow up and have a little heart as well.

    And this goes for everyone--not just people associated to 4chan/b/,cbrc,whatevs:

    the e-serial-daters, the people who coerce people into doing questionable things only to embarrass them later (you know who you are), the trolls, the two-faced chat-freaks and friend collectors:

    Just because you can't see someone's reaction doesn't make them any less real, nor the effects of the things you do to them. This gal probably has all sorts of post traumatic stress and/or phobias. personally, I just hope, as most do, that she just stays the fuck away from /b/tards or anyone that even has their scent--they are a bunch of effete, if not wholly evil little boys playing with their toys.

    And the sad part is that's exactly how they want to be viewed ("srs bisness"?), so until the image of these traitors to humane-ness changes, people just stay away from them, don't trust them. AT ALL.

    'nuff said.


  93. boxxi very good your stories I want to have a blog like yours to comment and show my stories about clitoral stimulation

  94. I really miss Boxxy :/ she's cute and seems like a cool girl. I still go on /b/ but i don't condone what they did to her D: i love you boxxy if you're out there <3

  95. I doudt thats the real Anon and Eyrev, if it is then that is quiet wierd, And Eyrev, awnser the questions here. Nobody is going to email you. If you are the real one then post why you did it and awnser the questions here.

    You were happy enough to say why in a youtube video which really made no sense, you dont have the right to tell boxxy what she can and cannot post. And if your not so much good at "Hacking" then how the hell did you get the dox?

  96. found what could be her.
    on gaia
    still active
    won't share though
    too much hassle I don't wanna be guilty of causing

  97. TO every damn stalker out there...
    She is just an extremely cute nice girl that does not have to be bothered by any stalkers.
    Damn people.

  98. i liked boxxy, i mean she was hot but she was fun and energetic too... i meann real, that was fucked up! and in the name of chris crocker LEAVE BOXXY ALONE!!!!!

    p.s. she doesnt paost videos on youtube anymore so i gotta say, what a waste of a camera! i hope she didnt buy it JUST for youtube!

  99. This comment has been removed by the author.

  100. I know the whole story... Even the parts that are not mentioned in this article... His name is CONJOPI. He hacked her in January of last year. He lives in the UK, if I remember correctly. I'm taking this fucker down if I have a shot at anything. He will feel the wrath of everyone and everything he took down... He will feel the power of-


  101. This comment has been removed by the author.

  102. And the sad part is that's exactly how they want to be viewed ("srs bisness"?), so until the image of these traitors to humane-ness changes, people just stay away from them, don't trust them. AT ALL.Better he wil buy xanax from my pharmacy

  103. i want boxxy back fuck all those fools they prolly forgot about the whole deal by now i love and and would marry her if i got the chance "BOXXY COME BACKK PLZZZZ i love you

  104. seriously... hope she's not dead after all... just forgotten... D=

  105. I love Boxxy and I hope she's doing well. The people who caused this seriously deserve to die.

  106. I love Boxxy and I hope she's doing well. The people who caused this seriously deserve to die.

  107. congrats on the article, totally agree with everything u said..i also wanna express my support to boxxy, hope shes doing fine and hasn't been too gravely affected by the hate of the angry..

  108. Hey guys
    boxxyfag here,
    you gotta check out this new boxxy forum
    its pretty legit in my opinion

  109. January 2009 " explosive final day seems to have brought an end to the most bizarre and controversial net saga for some time..."

    Oops, maybe not! Welcome to the third year of Boxxy's "fifteen minutes of fame"!

  110. "i want boxxy back fuck all those fools they prolly forgot about the whole deal by now i love and and would marry her if i got the chance "BOXXY COME BACKK PLZZZZ i love you"

    I agree man. She was awesome. I just found her videos today, and now it only took about 10 minutes to get to where I am here.

    Boxxie was completely amazing. And she was SOOO cute! I mean, she was crazy, perfect... Anyone who truely is her friend was blessed.

  111. I would just love to be her friend though. bet she is like, the best friend in the world.

  112. theres an account Anewhopeee and its apperentally a new boxxy video the newest video was posted on it 2 months ago.


  114. shes back

  115. ^ hmm.. seems legit.. but I'm not sure.. I really hope she comes back.. Nobody has the right to F*ck someone over like that

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  124. is the real youtube account lol not a fake she says it in her video

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