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 "If you want to help Boxxy at all, the best thing you can do is just stop talking about her."

Boxxy as seen in the Metro Newspaper (UK) - January 22nd

Welcome to what I imagine will be the last blog entry. This will simply clear up and clarify a few things. I’ve had a cordial discussion with the CBRC leader regarding this blog and the overall situation. He pointed a few mistakes I made and explained why CBRC did what they did.  

First, the mistakes. The WT-Snacks in CBRC is not the same person as the former 4chan admin. That was a stupid error. The chat server was also wrong, minor. These have been edited out of the previous entry.
Second, there are some things I should make clear. Boxxy’s full name, phone number and address were NOT found by CBRC or included in their leaked document. Claims were made for these on /b/, these were all fake. The risk to her was therefore overstated/exaggerated in the last blog, whatever you want to call it. Over dramatised, perhaps. 

Boxxy Guevara

Furthermore I now believe that CBRC ending the Boxxy hysteria was the right decision. It brought instant closure. This was beneficial to her, and the rest of the internet, quite frankly. 
Unfortunately this was of course sullied by the leak, but I am assured that was the work of one idiot intent on fucking it all up, and was definitely not what the rest of CBRC wanted. 
That might be seem like a lame excuse to some of you, but I believe it. Call me duped if you like, but I see the remorse as sincere, and have a greater understanding of their logic and rationale. You probably need to understand their initial assumptions and mindset to truly appreciate this. It was only after the Youtube breach that they discovered their assumptions were flawed. 

Now I have truly got it through my skull that they did not release any of her crucial information, the entire thing seems less serious than I might have conveyed in the previous blog. Still, compiling information in a leak-able document remains something that I can’t agree with. 
I guess I could write a thesis on the moral ins and outs of it all but that would be of no benefit to anyone (much least myself, since I should actually be writing a dissertation right now - only 15,000 words to go!). By the way, the CBRC leader has sent Boxxy an apology. 

Good question

About this blog. I didn’t intend (and had no way to anticipate) this blog being picked up by a couple of mainstream media outlets who basically used this as a template. This was intended to be a simple rundown for people who had seen some of the Boxxy phenomenon but didn’t know the full story. 
Stimulating media interest was the last thing I wanted, this makes the blog inherently hypocritical. I heavily criticise the search for and spread of her information, yet I appear (possibly) partially responsible for spreading interest further, by spelling out an utterly bewildering series of events in relatively simple terms. 
When I saw Boxxy in the Metro (newspaper, see top image) last week, I was poised to junk the blog (as well as spew out my Pepsi through my nose), but decided it was already too late and it would be quite shitty of me to pull the rug out from under those media stories, both of which link to here. It’s settled down now, thankfully. I seriously doubt that any more media will attempt to get any mileage from Boxxy, it is over. Finished.

The currently debated wikipedia page about Boxxy (which definitely should be deleted) even labelled this blog quasi-official - which is absurd again, apologies to whoever added that line, but it is. This is not in any way official, I have had no contact with Boxxy or anyone who knows her. I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy on anything here, and I am obviously not objective. Perhaps this is the only (non-satire) attempt at a coherent narrative, but it should not gain legitimacy or been seen as reliable on that basis.

So, this is almost certainly the last entry. I’m confident that there will never be another new Boxxy video or any new development worthy of mention. Based on a few of my own deductions, and on some things CBRC mention in their statement and my discussion with their leader, I can assure you all that Boxxy herself does not want to return, and I also believe this was the case prior to the Youtube hacking. So please, do not sit around waiting for a return. It won’t happen. It’s over, done, dusted, kaput. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

Google Trends

Boxxy threads still appear on /b/ but attract much less interest now. The new groundswell of people willing to troll, as claimed in the previous entry, lasted a couple of days and then subsided. Users have simply accepted her presence, a vital part of the process which would have saved a lot of trouble if it had happened two weeks ago. 
The Youtube remixes and tributes have slowed to a trickle as well, as has traffic to this blog - I sure as hell hope this entry doesn’t spark any more interest but I do feel a signing off post is necessary. Let us all recognise it as history now, and leave it be.

Unless Boxxy appears in the next Weezer video, expect this to be the last you hear from me, thanks for reading, congrats on making your way through this garbage of mine. I will still respond to emails as best I can. Don’t be alarmed if this blog does indeed vanish. I'll leave the blog up but follow the advice below.

- The Byzantinist

 "If you want to help Boxxy at all, the best thing you can do is just stop talking about her."

P.S. I have had to delete a couple of comments as they contained details about Boxxy that I explicitly withheld from the articles, as I do not want to facilitate her information being spread. I will remove all instances of this, or moderate all new comments if necessary. Also, do not expect a response if you email me asking for her details.
Credit to whoever did the Photoshop work on the images I used on here. It's difficult to credit the Anonymous. Oh, and that Twitter page is a fake.


  1. 1st...
    Good read.

  2. First of all, I'd appreciate it greatly, Byzantinist, if you kept this blog up indefinitely. Even though by academic and journalistic standards this blog may include some conjecture and subjectivity, I believe that this narrative is highly educational and may benefit potential performers and the internet in general. It contains the most detailed non-satirical account of this intriguing phenomenon. You are still relatively anonymous, and if I hadn't found this blog then I or someone else would have surely created a web page if only to dispel the rumors and conspiracies.

    Also it probably was unlikely that Boxxy would make another video after the initial responses to her latest video, but the CBRC bullshit was still terribly unnecessary IMO. Now, we know almost definitely she won't make another Boxxy video. I believe she should have had the freedom to do so without as much external pressure against her. I think some within the group were pure trolls and the rest of them are butthurt after the fact or feeling troll's remorse. It's hard to gauge their intentions now so they could be saying whatever for their own benefit.

    I agree that this phenomenon should be studied and discussed for the progress of new media.

  3. Hey, Byzantinist.

    First of all, I'd like you to thank you for putting up these little bits over here, it's been quite informative.

    Around a week ago, someone posted a thread on the forum I go on containing the third video. I watched it. I thought it was pretty interesting, and definitely entertaining, what with the exaggerated movements and such. She looked nice and whatnot, I didn't see much of anything wrong with it.

    So, then, I was curious. The person in the thread said Boxxy was popular or something along those lines, so I Googled it. I found this, among other things, and the entire, shitty melodrama dawned on me. Stuff like this shouldn't have to happen. A few videos and people forcing them on 4-chan, and boom. One simple junior is loved, hated, or being fapped to by thousands of internet idiots.

    I know you've spoken with the CBCR, or at least the leader of them, anyway, but to me, it still seems silly. Making an actual organization to...ruin someone's life essentially, over a few videos. Ridiculously silly. Sad thing is, they followed through with it. These people compiled a document with at least some of this poor girl's personal information on it, and it's all over the internet at this point. Not to mention, hacked her account (or, password-guessed, anyway) and made a serious business video effectively intimidating her off the Internet.

    And like you and others have caught on to, the YouTube idiot horde is still all over these videos, unaware of everything that's happening around them, or how serious (somewhat) this was. And the fact that it's over. Tons of people randomly hating on this person who just made a few videos for her friends at Gaia, making stupid, perverted comments,, wait, that's all of them.

    You probably should keep this blog up, if only as a lesson, a reminder about what can burst from small things like this. You can never be too careful.

    Anyway, it's an interesting read. I hope Boxxy (as she was formerly known, I doubt she'll go back to using that name any time soon) does get over this, does move on. It's a lot of shit to take in when half the internet hates you. I'd be pretty anxious if it were me. In any case...

    Once again, thanks for writing the article, blog, or whatever you want to call it. I hope this girl can get out of this without any permanent damage. Repeating myself yet again, it was a great, informative read, and people only flock to this in lieu of other sources due to its conciseness, clearness, and the fact that there sadly aren't any other good sources of info that can be taken seriously.

    Hope we all can move on with our lives after this bit of depressing melodrama.

    Because the internet, my friends, is some serious fucking business.

  4. I must disagree with you. Boxxy should make a comeback, preferably as a spokesperson for Shamwow towels or some other product that fits within the 4chan/youtube demographic.
    What's the point in moving on when the damage is already done? At least get paid, so then you can afford some protection so when the inevitable crazy wackjob internet turd does something suspect he/she is hosed by an ex-cop turned rent-a-cop.
    Pro-tip: pass this on to boxxy for internet lulz, it's time to flip the script on the nerds.

    Also, great work on the blog, it captures this stupidity in the most logical way I've seen so far. Praise for that, because this whole thing is depressingly indicative of how dangerous the net really is.

  5. Why was it the best thing for "the entire internet"? I would call that a very slanted statement, and a bit arrogant as well.

    It may have been the best thing for the real girl behind Boxxy, but that was hardly because of the interests of the entire internet. It was because of some internet users who found themselves inconvenienced by her presence.

    Their problem became her problem and her problem took her away from the part of "the entire internet" that happens to like her.

    I appreciate the author's work in documenting the events of this situation, but I would ask them to consider that their slant really doesn't tell the whole story adequately.

  6. I used to think that the author of this blog is a member of cbcr, or else how would he know the cbcr operation name?
    a google search on this operation name yeilded only 2 results, the place where the docs are kept, and this blog, interesting.

  7. Very good read on all of your blogs, I happened to see the article in the Metro on the way to college. id read this blog a couple of days prior to that and I wondered if you'd respond, glad you did.

    Keep the blog up, very informative, and can be used as an example of the power of the internet.

  8. I told myself I wouldn't do this, but since this blog appears to be one of the biggest authorities on this case, and since I took the time to talk to Byzantinist and filled him in regarding some things, I feel I must address a few comments.

    I see you are rather adept at reading Encyclopedia Dramatica articles. Great for you. I had a talk with Zaiger and got the slander removed from it, but it's a completely satirical site. He himself said it should never, ever be taken if you want a serious and unbiased telling of any sort of event.

    Byzantinist is not a CBCR member. The Google result probably appeared because I commented in one of the blogs, asking for him to contact me, and used the word CBCR.

    Our goal was not to ruin her life at all. Our original goal was to ensure she would not make another video. That was it. You can disagree with that all you like, but don't exaggerate what we tried to do. I also regret that I ever did this, due to the leaking of her info and the rest of the aftermath (which, some of you may be shocked to believe, turned out to be much tamer than I thought it might've been) but I'd be lying if I didn't say that I'd like it if she didn't make another video. Sure, you may not believe me, but you can't imagine the remorse I felt for starting all of this, after I learned many things at the end and after our investigation.

    "And like you and others have caught on to, the YouTube idiot horde is still all over these videos, unaware of everything that's happening around them, or how serious (somewhat) this was. And the fact that it's over."

    This is a very, very good sum up of the current situation. I'd say less are swarming (less Boxxy videos are being made each day, and they're starting to have less and less content), but those completely unaware of the situation will continue to comment on a few videos. You must understand though that they will always just be that idiot horde. Their untimely comments really mean nothing in the end, and are harmless.

    4chan has also pretty much moved on already. You'll still see a Boxxy thread pop up from time to time, but it'll get very few replies and will have almost no content. Also, if it means anything, I don't "go" on 4chan and never plan to. I've observed it a few times during the past few weeks for investigation-related purposes, but that's it.

    It's fine if you disagree or like Boxxy's videos. However, you need to accept that she doesn't want to come back and make more videos and she isn't going to come back. The situation is much more complex than just us hacking her Youtube account and telling her not to make another video and hoping she wouldn't make one. Even without knowing we existed, shortly after making the 3rd video she never planned on making another video. After all that's happened, she definitely knows that making another video would be a terrible idea.

    I will repeat the message I've been trying to give: if you want to help her at all, then just stop talking about her. Everything's over, and she wants it to be over, so she can move on. Most of us have already moved on.

  9. @Eyrev...just remember to keep things in perspective. 4Chan members did this for themselves. *They* created the problem, and their solution for their own self-created problem was to dump it onto someone else. CBCR was the vehicle for that action, but it could have eventually been someone else.

    It may be true that your group was the lesser of other evils in responding in the way that you did, but you have any remorse to feel, it is only because you and a number of other people made someone else pay for something they didn't do.

  10. @David
    Oh yes, I definitely know. Trust me, if there's anyone understands the circumstances regarding all this and why it started, it's me.

  11. >> (...) I'd be lying if I didn't say that I'd like it if she didn't make another video.

    That's the most complicated sentence I have read in ages. After reading it 30 times I still don't know for sure if you want her to make another video or not. (You don't, I suppose, but still.. )

    Anyway, I would have loved to see her being interviewed by Daxflame some time. What a clash of Titans that could have been. Oh well.

  12. Wow, that was like a triple or quadruple negative, you're right, sorry.

    I wish all these people, especially 4chan, hadn't gone crazy over her. I wish her info wasn't leaked. I wish she never made the videos in the first place though, or at least that she didn't post on /b/ and make the 3rd video. I learned a lot about that last one, which I explained to Byzantinist.

  13. Eyrev, what does my reading about you on ED have to do with your role in this little drama. I didn't learn about you from there, but there's no point in denying I didn't view an article. I learned about these videos and been observing /b/'s reactions since the new year. I also saw your group's videos, your comments, and your posts. All of this is irrelevant because you admit to silencing or, at least, putting pressure on some 16 yr. old girl to prevent freedom of expression. I bet you're feeling good for taking matters into your own hands enforcing content rules that you and a couple of other jackasses feel are absolutely necessary for the survival of the internet. Your e-peen is huge.

  14. She made a cooking video using meat.

    Peta saw it, hated it, but then forgot about it.

    Then she went onto the Peta forums, and talked more about it

    And that's where she fucked up.

    She is not that innocent *plays the Britney Spears song*, (Notwithstanding the fact that she was a minor who entered an adults only portion of the website to begin with)

    I'm not justifying the CBCR, just pointing out the fact that there's a shitload of blame to go around.

    And moot better update his legal know-how on laws regarding cyber-bullying, because 4Chan's just begging to be sued. No, not with Boxxy, but eventually it's doomed to happen.

  15. Still not clear on how many times she posted on 4chan and if it really was enough to justify labeling *her* as a troll. It's abundantly clear that other people trolled using her material.

    What irritates me is that Boxxy's videos had a good chance of becoming and staying popular on YouTube. Sxephil didn't bring all her traffic in, but I feel it's safe to assume he brought quite a bit in, enough to get interest in her started.

    For all we know, YT could have been a bridge to an acting career for her.

  16. If you really feel that way David, that "YT could have been a bridge to an acting career", then go contact as many agents as you know and try to get her hired.

    Otherwise, you're just wasting time here trying to fix the past instead of working on the future

  17. I'm sure she can do that herself if she wants to (contact agents), but continued and growing popularity on YT might have sealed it for her and that's not a possibility now, unless 4chan drops into a big hole and never comes out again.

    This was one territory intruding on another, much like an invasion. I'll still argue that what "concerned" 4chan users should have done was address the situation on *their own* website, by whatever means possible, but confining their actions to addressing the goings-on there.

    They had no right whatsoever to take it any further than that by hacking a YouTube account or bothering someone personally who didn't create their problems.

  18. @David

    I highly doubt that Boxxy’s performance on YT has had any effect on whether or not she will become an actress. For you to believe otherwise suggests that you are not up-to-date with modern female behaviour, especially for those who are around the age of 16. Once again, I find this claim so ridiculous that it is simply outrages to even mention that as a possibility. Not to make any assumptions, but maybe you are above the age of 20 and therefore, socialize with women of higher maturity. I’m 18 years of age and can tell you right now, that such acts are not uncommon amongst my female peers. Boxxy’s performance is by no means unique and I don’t think you understand that. The last thing that literally comes to my mind when I listen to those girls rant is that they are going to thrive in the acting business.

  19. You said you saw her on the metro and thats in the uk?? so she lives in the uk??? wha???

    woah this story just tripped me out

  20. @dfsdf - The dox were all over 4chan on the day of the Youtube breach. The Fall of blog did not go up until 3 days later. Work it out.

    @elio - look at the image at the top of the page. The 'Metro' I refer to is a newspaper, not a form of transport.

  21. As a person who 1)actively reads 4chan and 2) has followed this Boxxy thing from start to present day, this blog was very good and pretty damn accurate up to this point and the acceptance of the slant that is currently being presented bothers me. Yes, Eyrev is showing a human trait by showing extreme remorse for the actions that he and his group caused, but let's not blame this on anon as a whole. You rightly mention in the very first article, Operation Valkerie was a failure and a disaster. ALL anon found and knew was the original "boxxybabe" account, an inactive gaia account, and a first name that was NEVER confirmed until the CBCR stepped in.

    Yes, she made a few posts on 4chan, but she didn't cause this melodrama. Yes, Anon was split on their feelings about her to the point where /b/ self destructed, but she was in NO form of danger at that particular time because no one had any kind of docs on her, and if they did (and there were a few who did - went to school with her and posted pictures of himself and the girl at some dance/prom), they never gave up any pertinent information that could lead to crossing into her real life.

    Whether she had any plans to make more videos or not, the person behind Boxxy was in very little danger UNTIL Eyrev and his group decided to terrorize her and scare her out of making decisions on her own. THAT is what annoys me about all of the melodrama coming out of this "aftermath." Even if she did choose to not make another video prior to the CBCR going public, she didn't have the chance to really make that known because you guys stepped in and flung shit around despite their not being a fan for the shit to hit. You crossed the line into her real life, and you put her in danger. You provided the photobucket, the myspace, and any other pieces of info that led to her real life. Anon did nothing except see the food that you and your people cooked, prepared, and left on the table.

    The good news for EVERYBODY is that Boxxy is meme status on the site, like slowpoke, Milhouse, and Pedobear. Like the second to last paragraph mentions, people have accepted the Boxxy image as such, and it is used as either trollbait on 4chan or as more fan fodder amongst her fanbase (The Boxxy Wallpapers are actually pretty damn cool). Neither of which, from what I can see, is crossing into the reality of the person behind Boxxy (unless people who know of her personally are bullying her, but that's another problem again not related to anon).

    I would LIKE to see this blog stay up because, if for some reason the Boxxy videos re-emerge in popularity within the rest of this year, this blog will at least provide some framework, more context, and a sense of authority that ED could never provide due to being a satire page. That said, the Boxxy character was a great character, and COULD have went on along the lines of lonelygirl15, "Fred," sxephil, and all of the other stuff that the media loves to connect to the User Generated content phenomenon if she ever wanted that.

    Speaking for myself, I have no problem in respecting the girl behind Boxxy and her privacy, but the Boxxy image is going to live on as a meme until people get tired and a new youtube phenomenon comes along and makes us forget about Boxxy.

    The Queen is dead; long live the Queen! (j/k people...j/k)

  22. @Byzantinist
    Oh okay i thought you said you actually saw her on the metro. Thanks for clearing that up, cause if what i thought i saw was true then there would be a lot more contradictions in the sotry. lolol

  23. @sebby, my attitude about her talent comes from the fact that I think she has something special going for her beyond being able to portray a ditzy teenage girl. There are plenty of REAL ditzy teenage girls on YouTube and they don't generally rack up well over a million and a half views in less than three weeks. Her energy and personality drives some people crazy but it is also loved by a lot of people as well.

    I made the statement about her potential as an actress because I think she had *the right* to discover for herself what might happen, in the positive sense, for her if she kept posting videos to YouTube, even if she showed an evolving personality and didn't always play the same Boxxy character the same way.

    People prevented her from doing that, though, so we and she will never know where it would have led.

    And it's irrelevant to say you don't care because that's not the point. On YouTube her channel is there, standing on it's own, and if you don't like watching her you have full responsibility for the fact that you are choosing to watch in the first place.

    Again, the fact that 4Chan users kept seeing her and didn't like it was a problem solely for the 4chan community to sort out. She (and her YouTube channel) should have been left alone.

  24. The CBRC seem like a bunch of limp dicks who try to make the situation srs business to increase their E-peen.

    Eyrev is a nobody who wants a slice of fleeting internet fame,

    You couldn't ruin her life if you tried, you're a mild inconvenience at worst.

    Trying to intimidate a 16 year old girl is pitiful and saying you feel "remorse" over it is pathetic, try to grow a pair, pls don't cut yourself in the shower over it.

    I never really cared before but now I hope she does make another video if only to point how powerless you tools are.

  25. "4chan has also pretty much moved on already. You'll still see a Boxxy thread pop up from time to time, but it'll get very few replies and will have almost no content."

    You cant exactly say that, because of the use of her face, and the images people constructed of her with the text underneath. For example: The start of this blog entry's "The fall of boxxy", there's an image of her (which i think is cute with the shorter hair.. i'm 17 so its not as creepy as you'd think) with 'MOAR' under it. Clearly a 4chan intended image. Where else would you see volguar miss spelling of the word more, that doesn't have anything to do with 13 year old girls?

    Secondly, to be honest, I dont think you feel ANY remorse what so ever! You say you've distributed an apology, but what is that to her?! You're some nameless, faceless 'anon' who happens to come from the CRBC. Do you know how many Anon's have felt Troll's remorse and sent her an apologies? If you felt any remorse for her at all you would post a video - preferably on youtube to end the horde of idiots that still lurk around on the fake accounts - and then link it to 4chan. I think that would end the whole ordeal, and you could go on living your life.

    And seriously, in the end, it was your choice to watch. You had no right what so ever to do anything to that poor, sweet, albeit slightly overly energetic, young girl. And frankly, despite posting here, and despite sending an apology, your still just hiding behind your anon tag.

    Until there's proof of your apology, i'm going to have to call trap.

  26. @decran
    You obviously have no idea what happened so I'll just ignore this one.

    That pic was made 2+ weeks ago. At the time, they cared. Now, February 1st, they really don't. 4chan has a notoriously short attention span when the subject of their interest hasn't made any sort of appearance in weeks.

    Second, I don't go on 4chan. I am not some "Anon." And we did a lot of thinking and realized that making a video explaining in detail the whole situation and how what we did was a mistake would merely bring everything back to life. In fact, we DID make such a video that was up for a day or 2 until Youtube rolled back the account. Linking a video like that to 4chan would be like throwing a match on an oil spill.

    At this point, an overwhelming number of people have completely forgotten about her. I'm sorry, but you do not know exactly what it was we did or how we've made up for it. Why don't you take Byzantinist's and my word that if you want to help Boxxy at all, the best thing you can do is just stop talking about her.

  27. Every response you make oozes arrogance including your "apology letter"

    This blog seems very friendly to your cause so it seems if you really wanted to do a tell-all this would be the place for it but it's much easier to the play the "you have no idea" card because that way you can dismiss comments outright with that authoritative tone you love so much.

    I think this quote from ED sums it up the best

    Lol, you guys fucked everything up, though. Sure, you took down her videos, but they're up on a lot of other profiles. You included your names... sure, you took them down, but even in the new video where you try to explain that you didn't do it for the attention, you still manage to call yourselves "martyrs" for Anonymous, and in doing so you also fail once again at keeping Anonymous out of this. You say you didn't want to pursue further action against Boxxy, and yet you now say that the dox have been leaked and that other people are planning to do so. Lol, are you guys working with EFG or something? Can't you guys do anything right?

  28. Well, I suppose I can help you get an idea then if you really want.

    I obviously don't want to incite anything in public, so please email

  29. ^ An idea of what though? I think you're the only one who's making it "complex," because it's really not. You wanted to scare somebody out of doing something by using important facts about them and their friends as a bargaining chip > that bargaining chip was released to anon by one of your own when anon had little to no information on her previously > having that information released could have possibly put her and her friends in danger (thankfully it didn't) > you (Eyrev) see the error of your ways and is trying to atone for the mistake.

    What's missing here? I commend you for trying to at least clean the mess you created, but again, what annoys me about all of this is the guy who appointed himself to be the police of the internet and force the girl off of youtube is now trying to be a self appointed spokesperson for her by telling us what's good for her and what's good for the internet as a whole. What reason do we have for taking your word that by ignoring her and forgetting her is actually helping her?

    Like I said, (if there was a danger) the real danger was not anonymous - the danger became a possibility when the info that you gathered leaked out. In hindsight, it still wasn't a lot in the docs because I've seen anon find MUCH more damaging info on people and do much worse.

    At this point, the biggest danger to Boxxy - no, the person behind Boxxy, is the people who know her in real life; ie - "kiracrayola" on youtube. They're the ones who are likely to reveal facts that could potentially lead to something that I'd never want to see, and what's more, they're putting themselves in the line of fire by attention whoring on youtube and 4chan to do it.

    tl;dr - you can't stop this meme, my friend, and at some point, either the Boxxy character will re-emerge, the girl behind Boxxy will stick up for herself, or even better...David (and my) thoughts will become a reality where the media will take note of her and invite her to make appearances kind of like they latched on to two other 4chan memes turned celebrities - TAY ZONDAY AND RICK ASTLEY.

    I'd even go further and say that "Boxxy" was almost paralleling Tay Zonday in terms of HOW she became popular prior to you stepping in. Anon made Tay famous - and he would tell you this himself; just like we were making Boxxy famous. IN the past year and a half, Tay got to appear on TV shows and travel the world because of a decision that wasn't based on threats by internet groups. As decided by a select few, "Boxxy" needed "control and regulation" and what's best for her as well as "the entire internet" is apparently only decided by a small few. No one sees why that concept is wrong? (rhetorical, btw)

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. (previous post removed due to typo)

    @Eyrev, are you unwilling to at least intimate what created the "imperative" for you to intimidate Boxxy into making no more videos?

    When you claim that you don't even go on 4chan, I think a lot of people are left to wonder why you ever got involved in this in the first place. You've consistently been incredibly vague about that. You've also been vague about why you refuse to be less vague.

    It all comes across as a bit melodramatic, really, which is, I think, part of why people come back at you with a sense that you have little or no credibility.

  32. It's still not in any way established that kiracrayola really knows her.

  33. Is there a possibility to keep up to date with the whole thing?

  34. I promise you David that I will answer any and all questions you may have to the best of my ability through email.

    And by the way, kiracrayola does actually know her. When we spoke with one of Boxxy's other friends, he mentioned Kira (and some other /b/tard friends of hers), but he assured me that they would not go and do something like this. Well, she seems to have defected.

    We're taking the situation very seriously and do plan on doing something about it; IE communicating what's been going on to Boxxy's friends so they can deal with this properly. I have also been considering a few other things, which I'm sure plenty of you can guess. I'll see how all this turns out. I am, however, preparing for the worst.

  35. Here, let me just make this clear since many people are asking me questions.

    If you have any sort of question for me, and you want me to answer that question, then email me:

    I will accept whatever criticism, harsh words, or personal questions you may ask me. I only ask that you do it privately through my email, and not through the comment section of this blog.

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. @yesno
    "this girl is already 17 and she has an awful haircut!"

    if thats me, i'm a dude.. I'm actually not that offended, i hear i look like a girl all the time, and to Role Play as a knight to defend some girls innocence, and right to have access to the internet is worth the criticism from some jerk off euro trash fanny bandit. Your just as bad as the anons, if not worse. You need to shut the f*** (not sure if saying that word is allowed on this blog) up before you start eating your own, fan hit shit.

    and seriously man, get a life. At least what I'm doing is attempting to help someone, but your just sitting around watching it all go down. Why dont you put down the bag of chips, buy some carrots, and lose 400 lbs so you can at least fit into an airplane seat, fly over here, and say this to my face.

    Fredericton, New Brunswick.
    You just got called out by a teenager, you'd look like quite the puss if you refused.

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. @yesno
    "Wow, what a reaction. So that's how those things work on the internet i guess. Someone does a harmless joke (or video) and then there's the guys who just have to blow everything out of proportion, cursing and threatening. Way to go, dude!"

    I guess your right, it was a little bit of an over reaction on my part, but my point still remains valid that while you sit around, watching the bombs explode, the people trying to fight the fire are better people than you. Just to clear this up, i didn't threaten you. All i wanted was to have a face to face conversation, perhaps over some "tea and crumpets", but with the vulgar, immature mind that you have been "blessed with" chose to take it in a threatening way. I apologize if I caused you any emotional trauma, in fact, i'd be willing to MAKE AN APOLOGY VIDEO FOR YOU...

    "I should have known better though not to mess with people in their puberty, it's a rough time, and i was angry alot too.
    I'll just eat those carrots now and be quiet. You win, I lose."

    first. a lot**
    puberty joke, funny. shame your about three or four years to late. but still, brownie points for the attempt.

    "just for the record: by that 17-year old girl i meant "kiracrayola", not you, angry dude from Fredericton, New Brunswick."

    lets try to keep it a little less informal here, Zack is fine :)
    and I dont know who that is..?

  41. ...

    I'm not even going to ask.

    Anyway, anyone who is interested in this Kira situation can join my new group on channel #kira

    We hold no contempt for Boxxy and are merely trying to sort things out as well as ensure Kira stops what she's doing.

  42. ^ What the hell?

    @decran - I am not trying to be friendly to CBRC. I did want to roll back the previous blog slightly, as I don't think it distributed the blame fairly and exaggerated a bit.
    But this doesn't mean I agree with or condone Boxxy's accounts being breached and her information being collected and leaked. I state this in the final blog and scathingly so in the 2nd blog. Basically, I was trying to balance it somewhat by portraying both perspectives whilst self correcting. Due to this attempt being split across two blog posts, each goes a little far from centre. I did not want to go back and do wholesale editing of the older articles.

  43. The people who do the most damage to Boxxy are her fans.

    Take the Encyclopedia Dramatica article on Boxxy, it'll I assure you, do more damage to her than Eyrev and his goons ever did.

    The girl behind Boxxy wants to move on with her life, and Zaiger needs to do the right thing and delete the wiki article.

    As well as the guy responsible for her Facebook fan group.

  44. I seriously doubt she dislikes having fans. If it weren't for the haters and trolls, the fans would be no problem.

  45. kira is now acting pouty and inconvenienced by all the Boxxy questions her Boxxy name-dropping video spree has pulled her direction like a massive electromagnet.

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. Rebel: How exactly did that article do damage? It is a documentation of an internet event, as are all of the articles on Encyclopedia Dramatica. I am pretty neutral towards the Boxxy situation, could you imagine what it would have been like if someone more prejudiced (in either direction) towards her had written it? I literally had to lock it from editing because of the shear hatred that was coming out of the situation.

    The article is satire and written in classic ED prose. You should never take anything written on ED seriously anyways, what is wrong with you?

    I hold no harsh feelings toward Boxxy or the CBCR. I talk to the former CBCR members quite frequently tbh. Eyrev PM'd me in irc and informed me of an inconsistency and I fixed it. If anyone else can find any untruths that are not obvious jokes I am willing to update, but as of now that article is a there and it is not going anywhere.

    How do you think that deleting the ED article is going to fix anything? I am not going to be a part of an operation to "cover up" the existance of boxxy on the internet. It happened, and I wrote about it, same as the author of this blog. I refuse to be labeled a scapegoat in this mess. If you have anything else you would like to discuss about this I am not that difficult to find.

  48. Zaiger, look at the Zoe Kimball page, do you think that your article helps to create more new stalkers? Or does it let the girl live her life in peace?

    The existence of the Zoe Kimball article kept interest in the girl going regardless of her wish to be forgotten about. Months after the situation happened, users were still amending more stalker goodness to the article.

    It can be argued that even if you had no Zoe Kimball page, that someone else would catalog the information, but it's a high chance that the "somebody else's" page isn't a wiki, and over time they would have gotten bored of it.

    As long as you have a Boxxy article lacking information, there will always be someone wanting to fill it. They may be too lazy to create their own website for it, so ED offers the best solution to them.

    I do see that you are really keeping Boxxy's information spread to a minimum, even regarding the simple stuff that almost everyone knows.
    This is great, but eventually my fear is that you'll give in.

  49. Basically, Boxxy was just reduced to being another shitmeme that people will get dry giggles from probably indefinately.

    And no apology should have never been sent, people should learn not to go public in the INTERNETS

  50. Zaiger simply reported the events that happened. On one hand, I wish she never existed. On the other, though, I can't prevent the media from discussing it (ED being part of the media I suppose). I think Zaiger has been doing a fine job of keeping the article clean of any personal info or otherwise anything that may incite people to try and find her in real life. I'd say it should just stay locked permanently, and that's probably what Zaiger is going to do.

    I admit, the Zoe Kimball article is pretty disturbing, but that's not really my field.

  51. Who is kira?

    I though boxxy was 16?

    Yoou guys are weird. :D

  52. I appreciate you explaining what was going on- a guildmate of mine was talking about Boxxy in the forums, so I googled it (I'm only 26, but I had no clue who Boxxy is) and came up with this blog.

    Again, thanks for your efforts to state facts as clearly as you know them and for your humility in correcting statements when you were wrong.

  53. Rebel:
    I have locked the page from editing to keep her personal information out, yes, even the well known stuff. Also I have been handing out 2 week bans to anyone leaving links to pastebin with her personal info on it.

    Yes, it is not that hard to find, but I would rather it not be found through us.

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. I think the bottom line is that she wants this over because someone bullied her in the first place, when she was obviously trying to build some sort of character. The real remorse should be that it was done in the first place, not that it got out of hand.

  56. Basically, I think it's fucking stupid that she shouldn't be allowed to make another video. Yea, her videos were turned into memes, but that wasn't her god-damned fault. She made the videos a year before they became popular.

    She has to restrict what she does, because a bunch of worthless internet punks like trolling.

  57. ^ Agreed
    The trolls have no good reason for hating on Boxxy
    She isn't at fault for what went over at /b/
    Those idiots brought this on themselves and decided that they should vent on her just 'cause they're real manly and like to bully kiddies

  58. First of all - Byzantinist, thank you for writing those entries, you did it in a well-balanced, informative manner.

    I've only learned about Boxxy several days ago (yes, I know, I'm retarded ;-)) - I usually don't follow latest trends (be it on the inrenet or elsewhere) but the pure sociologic phenomenon really struck me.

    Wow, someone's going to write a thesis on it one day (not me but I'm pretty sure someone will).

    Anyway - I hope Boxxy is fine, will get over the whole horror and get on with her life. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her.

    Greetings from Poland,


  59. If she wasn't in trouble in real life, the school wouldn't of been warned, the police wouldn't of been called, and etc. It should trouble you.

  60. some of the biggest win I have ever seen

  61. Kevin,
    While I agree that the whole phenomena was blown way out of proportion, her original videos were pretty much hilarious. (Though I think the remixes - I was lucky enough to miss the /b/ part completely - of them were pretty much lame, they mostly relate to elementary school bullying except out of school)
    Hah, that's nothing, I only heard of Boxxy phenomenon a few days ago. It was kinda hard to find the originals in the midst of all the garbage at this point though. :/

  62. God I love CBCR. Not only were people losing interest in her, she herself was logging in less and less frequently. Then these guys came along and 'hacked', as it were, her account, namedropping, and when this did not turn out as well as they had expected, a long-winded rant followed where they explained how they 'martyred' themselves for the internet. CBCR FUCK YEAH. Great blog though, really, as objective and straightforward as one could possibly be. cool story bro :D

  63. @sntaclws, she never wanted to do a 4th video.
    If she wanted to, she would have done it regardless of some punk's scaretactics.

    Only reason she did the 3rd was because people were pretending to be her on 4chan.

    Chaos happened, but she got what she wanted.
    Now no more fucks can go on 4chan and pretend to be her.

  64. AHHAHRHNNNNN i wrote a more clear response but apparently it was lost in the process. ive been up for two days i cant fucking take this.

    wtf are you on about? we all know she was reserved about making another video. as said earlier, she herself was logging in more infrequently. people were losing interest. cbcr the MASSIVE CONTENT CONTROLLING FAGGOTS managed to make her even more of a forbidden fruit, prolonging her notority, and even leaking her dox while they were at it. however unintentional this may have been, it was still pretty hilarious.

    "Now no more fucks can go on 4chan and pretend to be her."

    ok? had they only left her alone she would eventually have joined the ranks of rabbit and loli-chan. who knows, maybe she still will.

    bah lets hope for the best for her. im off and this will be my last post here.

  65. good to read all of this, now I get the big picture of this.
    I saw pictures of her from time to time, I thought she was a beautiful girl but didn't understand why people were kinda 'obsessed' about her, I mean, if I could get to know her, okay, but wouldn't begin hacking, throwing around death treats, pronouncing my love for Boxxy,...

    it's a shame what this a video can do to a bunch of people on the internet and what it could do to the poster of the video...

  66. Let's keep things in perspective.
    I might seem slighly paranoid here, but I refuse to believe any of the last blog. The first two seemed so dead set in their spots, I don't believe anyone that set into their opinions would recant in such a sheepish manner. While I might be completely paranoid here, I don't think the comments by the alleged leader of the CBRC in this thread are real, nor do I even wish to believe that this third blog is real.

    Follow a logical progression here. The first two blogs outlined the rise and fall of the Boxxy phenomenon. The second of the two told of the CBRC's crack job at hacking into the Boxxy accounts. How can we KNOW that this here wasn't a half-assed attempt by a CBRC hacker to cover their ass from a spitfire condemnaton of their actions across the Web? The blog holds none of the conviction of the author of the first two. The comments by the leader of CBRC or a member of CBRC on this thread of comments could easily be written by a good actor with complete knowledge of the event. I would personally have to be contacted by both the Byzantinist and Eyrev to believe ANY of this third article. I understand that if they wanted to, they could have just changed the first two blogs, but as the "Byzantinist" even said, it'd be awfully shitty of him to pull the rug out from those media outlets. That's what would be accomplished by even CHANGING it. Until that aforementioned contact comes, I'll be happy in my disbelief. Also, the personal info of one person can be found so easily. Do you all know about the foiled sirtom93 school arson incident in Britain? The Boxxy ordeal is the same thing, but no happy ending. Being both a /b/tard and 4channer myself, I know that the info was more than likely fake, but the possibility of real info being leaked like that is terrifying. Therefore, I refuse to believe a word of this third story, and I urge others to do the same.

  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. I am out of looking for any more info about Boxxy, I found out about her today and today is the last day I check anything about her, I am glad that I found this blog so I could get an explanation of it all.

    I'm leaving with this quote:

    "If you want to help Boxxy at all, the best thing you can do is just stop talking about her."

  69. Hello,

    Eyrev, if you are still there please check your email I have tried to contact you and would like to speak to you.

  70. Hmm, looks like this blog lit up again.

    LaGuardiaNera, if you want I could email you from my official email but you'd probably think that's a conspiracy too, so I don't know what to tell you.

    This 3rd blog was made after I exchanged emails with Byzantinist and explained the true story to him. He wrote this 3rd blog in its entirety, except for my quote at the top.

  71. Thank you, Byzantinist, for this informative and sober blog (which I encourage that you to maintain; it has been difficult to find quality writing about Boxxy that doesn't use the words "queen" or "cancer" to describe her). I have been following the Boxxy Youtube melodrama since early January, and my opinion of the CBCR has wavered from critical to supportive and back again.

    Your statements that the most sensitive pieces of Boxxy's leaked info were fake came as quite a relief to me. Looking back on it, I now agree that the CBCR's 'takedown' was a good thing. Those out for her blood were satisfied to a degree, and she was taken out of the potentially corrosive internet spotlight permanently and without any serious harm. Most Boxxy-related 4chan conflict now seems to be as it always should have been: between 'fans' and 'haters' with Boxxy herself left out. On a similar note, the incredible rumors that Boxxy has been killed seem equally beneficial to her returning to a normal, private life. How can you harass a girl who's already "dead"? It's time to let Boxxy the persona die, so the real girl can live.

    "Unfortunately this was of course sullied by the leak, but I am assured that was the work of one idiot intent on fucking it all up and was definitely not what the rest of CBRC wanted."

    I also wish to confirm the above statement for the skeptics while I'm here, as a CBCR member other than Eyrev told me the same thing.

  72. Please I hope someday she comes back, shes beautiful.

  73. I am very sad that after all that you accepted the idea that the people who harassed Boxy were deserving of forgiveness.

    Boxy did nothing to them or anyone! All the upset was caused by a bunch of excitable boys responding hysterically to her attractiveness.

    The idea that scaring Boxy off the Internet was in any way good or justified is a classic case of blaming the victim. It is in fact a modern, disembodied version of the old idea that if a woman got raped she had probably been "asking for it" by how she dressed or acted.

    I'm ashamed of my sex.

  74. I only found this blog a week ago, despite the fact that I saw Boxxy's vids the nght of the release of the third one, foar everyone, back in January. I sent you an email Eyrev, I hope you get it even though this thing isn't really in the same climax it was 5 months ago.
    All I have to say publicly, is that I hope she makes another video someday, I really do, with her normal persona, just to clarify that she has/hasn't been completely fucked for life by this event and is doing ok.
    -anti artifice

  75. Hey, great blog!
    few questions, i would see if there answered in here but i kind of cant be bothered reading through every comment :P
    ~So did boxxy get any phisical harm to her? (hope not)
    ~Was 4chan on boxxy's side?
    ~Did she really have stalkers?
    Just a side note, Boxxy is really cool, shame people had to be horrible about the whole thing, i think she rocks :)

  76. umm...this was a great read but all the stuff about 4chan and 7chan and /b/ flew totally over my head...i don't understand what all the fighting was about...but i kind of understood a little after reading your blog...if you respond could you respond with a link to 4chan or 7chan or something like that...or that gaia site...

  77. Thank you very much for the informative blog! Although I find the actions of CBRC to be more childish and minor than anything else I think this should be an example of why we must be careful on the Internet. Many times people portray themselves to be someone else either older or younger, photo shopped, and with aliases. When I was younger in middle school and high school I never thought anyone would see the personal info on my xanga, myspace, or other blogs and I was a lot more open then than I am now. When I posted things on message boards I never thought anyone would discover my true identity and this has a lot to do with why situations like this occur, people act differently behind the protection of a computer screen. You feel free to be much crueler or outgoing then you might be in real life. Boxxy is in some ways responsible for what happened to her in my opinion and future teenage girls need to know that you can never be completely anonymous on the Internet and that if you take pictures or videos of yourself that you make public it may very well come back to haunt you.

    For whatever reason be it self esteem issues, popularity, or hormones teenage girls purposely put provacative photos and videos online because it feels safe and somewhat anonymous. Girls do sometimes want the attention of other teenage boys out there on chat rooms or message boards. Young girls need to realize that there are pervs and hormonal adult men all over the internet and not just other normal teenage boys. And a lot of these hormonal guys have really good computer skills and hacking abilities as well as endless amounts of free time.

    Although Boxxy doesn't dress in revealing clothes or do anything explicit she is seeking attention by posting videos about herself as well as pictures. So she is not completely a blameless victim but yes the things that were said about her were inappropriate and she can't be blamed for the extreme levels the whole thing reached. Men can be pretty sexist sometimes and its herd mentality at its finest on the internet. But young girls need to know there can be unintended ramifications for being an "internet celebrity".

  78. @sarahwampler
    I agree with most of what you said. Teenage girls today do a lot more for attention than they should. Where I disagree, is where you said Boxxy was one of them. She wasn't. All she was doing was making a few video's for her friends. No where (that I'm aware of) did she give out her full - real - information. On her Gaia Online account, she still just went by Boxxy. Her youtube didn't once say where she was from. Hence the large debate that was happening online. The CRBC found a way into her email, and that is how they found out her information, not by her misdoing, but by their "skills", as you put it, in computers. So I fail to see how anyone could think that she brought this upon herself, especially when all she was doing was making a few video's for her friends.


  79. Well said. And, use this boxxy mix-up as your dissertation. Why mainstream media and internet mixups can be damaging to the regular person.

  80. Hi,I'm alone...I'm french --',but i don't care...i just wanna say/sais (i don't remember T_T) ,umm,you are very beautiful,but a little bit crazy...but it's not,i think it's everything...sorry if i make spelling mistakes,but i am continuation and kiss,and if you want to offend me,maybe?... ( and madmen you of the insults(?)

  81. Thanks for posing this. I just heard about this today and you had all the info i needed about the tradegy of Boxxy. Thanks for keeping the facts straight and keep up the good work in all of your articles. Thanks.

  82. I think the true moral of the story is that after cycling hundreds of thousands of squirrely teenage girls with too much eyeliner and the incessant need to look cute for people they don't even know.. there will eventually be one that stands out enough that we are truly shown proof that deep down, there are two extremes that people will always adhere to; idolizing in an attempt to distract oneself from his or her own inadequacies, and the demented rage and hatred of someone denying their own failure to measure up to their own standards.

    Basically, it shouldn't take the approval of millions of people nor their attention to bring someone self-acceptance. But for some reason it just seems to happen that way. I think it's pathetic. But, hey, you probably don't because you don't know any better.

  83. well I just really want to know that she is really okay and what exsactly is happening to her now? like so what she just stopped making videos and just resumed her life? like What there are no real detail about this nad I'm just conjused about this whole thing and i want to know if she is really okay or what....

  84. @ Chris, she's fine. She's starting her senior year of high school. I talked to one of friends on youtube that was in the recently leaked video of her and she made it sound like this isn't all phasing her much.

    Anyway, I'm keeping current documentation on what's going on with her at

  85. Hey, this was a good read. I'd never heard of Boxxy until a friend sent me one of her videos and I got curious. This outlines what happened quite well, especially compared to some other sites.

    Please don't delete this blog! I understand that you'd rather not continue with it, but I think that what happened to Boxxy should teach us all a lesson. Nothing that you post on the internet is safe if the wrong people get ahold of it. This shows how a large group of people who have never even met in person can violate a person's rights and make them miserable. I think that you should keep your blog up so that we're all reminded of how chaotic any large group of people can become... and hopefully those who are likely to drive that chaos might read this and think twice.

    You can't learn a lesson and move on if the story isn't told!

  86. Very good read. We are very lucky to have someone like you on the internet who will go out of their way to document something, simply in the interests of the curiosity of future generations.Sounds like something I'd do actually.

    Well done.

  87. I know the story too , but I'm kinda lazy to type it all in.

    I'm a boxxy fan anyways , I find her videos entertaining . She's cute , I must admit.

    It's kinda sad for her fall. She's just a girl using internet socializing with strangers .I feel comfortable watching her video too.

  88. I still dont know why 4chan /b/ was chasing her?

  89. Man, can you just give me your Email? I just want to do ask you something...particularly.
    And no, I wont hack you, kill, kiddnap, do voodoo, black magic, rape or something like that...
    Please...just need to know something.

  90. Poor child. I hope she lawyered up and is making money off all the shirts being sold with her likeness.


  92. I miss my boxxy =[

  93. CBRC = heroes. Power to the people.

  94. The part of her -not wanting to make any more videos- is off course bullshit. She doesn't want to, because she was threatened and her accounts were hacked.

    If it wasn't for cbrc and valkyrie she would be rich and popular and very happy by now, making many videos like other internetcelebrities.

    Now however it turned very black by the acts of anonymous cowards who even now dare to claim -it was for the best- and -she wanted it herself-. Sure, dream on, I hope you regret ruining a sweet 16-year-old girls life. I know you don't regret it, but I hope maybe for a second somewhere later in life you realize what you did ...

  95. You are nutz,
    1: she is a girl
    2: she had the guts to post in the first place.
    3: economic decline.

    best thing for "Boxxy" to do atm is to set up a leak, go public and get on her own tv show. Economic advice? no, not really, just simple insight into domestic and foreign markets.

    "Box Tv"

  96. Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!

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  97. I STILL don't know who Boxxy is. More importantly, I STILL don't get the meme that she is. Maybe it's better off that way.

  98. on wiki is better story this is not full and no timeline..

  99. Guys, and ladies, really...
    If you like her, and want her to be happy and move on, LET HER GO, and don't talk anything concerning this story that frightened everyone around the internet.
    You know, meanwhile you're talking about her, she's seriously being stalked by some Anonymous group - I'm not talking about CBCR, it's not a stalker group - and she's scared about that, because they're angry and want fresh meat (in the really bad sense).
    So, if you want to help her, calm down, take a deep breath, then close this page and go out for a walk, buy an ice-cream (suitable for both summer and winter, you know, cal) and well, you know, move on with your life.
    You can, she wants to, help her doing that.

  100. 9092761861
    my emails dont work....

  101. Thank you for informing me.... i do not quite understand all the talk of the errors she apparently did. but im confused as to why you and everyone else made it seem like she was dead. and anyway I'm upset at youtube for shutting her down, its completely unfair. shes loveable and adorbale and great to watch. as far i see it she has done nothing wrong and she needs to stay on. I mean people are saying let her go..... why????????????????????? what happened? please someone inform me

  102. This kind of information is very limited on internet. Nice to find the post related to my searching criteria. Your updated and informative post will be appreciated by blog loving people.

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  103. I really hope /b/, 4Chan, the CBRC and all the other retards on the internet are pleased with themselves for bullying a little girl over some innocent videos she made on YouTube.
    The hive-mind mob-mentality sure did show HER, didn't they?

    What's particularly disturbing to me, is that Boxxy herself didn't upload ANYTHING to 4CHan... it was OTHER 4CHAN USERS who were trolling - yet, rather than take the responsibility of managing their own servers and userbase to quell the tide of Boxxy-fans - instead they "attack the source" - a young girl, and forcibly try to deny her First Amendment right.
    She herself did nothing wrong.

    This is an excellent example of the dangers of the internet, and for the owners of 4Chan and the /b/tards - exactly WHY government is calling for further restrictions and policing OF the internet.

    My fear is that someday, someone IS going to go too far and there will be a parent of a child who is NOT going to quietly disappear...
    Government law enforcement agencies will be involved, lawyers will pick over the remains of what's left after the arrests, and we'll all get to watch it on our HDTV screens as the media plays out the end of 4Chan.
    Afterwards, a group of upstanding politicians and big-business representatives announce new legislation that's designed to "protect everyone" online and new mandates so nobody is every truly "anonymous" on the internet ever again. (remember kids: only the lowest scumbags on the face of the earth and people with something to hide would want to be an "Anon" or a "Pirate").
    Along with this announcement is a slew of laws related to everything from cyber-stalking, "morally deplorable websites that promote hate and violence", and DRM anti-piracy schemes, among others.

    Congratulations! By bullying/openly promoting the killing of someone, You've just helped to speed-up the destruction of the internet ecology and further reduce anything resembling "Consumer Rights" online.
    America and the rest of the world sleeps well.

    Thanks, 4Chan!

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  105. so is she dead or does she not post youtube videos

  106. Boxxy is not dead, and I suspect (though I cannot know) that her life is not ruined.

    Boxxy grew up. It's probably the best way to think of her. She's not a gaia fag anymore. She moved on to bigger and better things, and so should we all.

  107. Acjc Girls Scandal Video Download

    I really hope /b/, 4Chan, the CBRC and all the other retards on the internet are pleased with themselves for bullying a little girl over some innocent videos she made on YouTube.
    The hive-mind mob-mentality sure did show HER, didn't they?

    What's particularly disturbing to me, is that Boxxy herself didn't upload ANYTHING to 4CHan... it was OTHER 4CHAN USERS who were trolling - yet, rather than take the responsibility of managing their own servers and userbase to quell the tide of Boxxy-fans - instead they "attack the source" - a young girl, and forcibly try to deny her First Amendment right.
    She herself did nothing wrong.

    Acjc Girls Scandal Video Download

  108. boxxy fucking returns!



    and i guess you can email her about this site


  110. She's back. No troll:

  111. Thanks for writing your articles. I honestly didn't know who or what this whole boxxy deal was, and your posts were the most detailed (and coherent) that I could find to help me understand.

    It was pretty interesting... and even though the whole thing seems pointless and unnecessary, it was still something that happened that stirred a lot of people to action, and was the focus of, apparently, a lot of people's attention, if only briefly.

    I also agree that any mention of her should be wiped from the face of this earth, but that's not going to happen. Instead, we can look at it as an example of how the internet is an unpredictable beast, effecting people with little rhyme or reason, if only for the sake of trolling or the neverending quest of new memes.

  112. - a forum dedicated to Boxxy

  113. Boxxy is back! At a New Hpe. What MarchingHome said :D

    MarchingHome said...
    She's back. No troll:

  114. Thanks for the blog, but what I don't understand is why do people hate boxxy's videos so much?
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  120. Catie is back, and boxxy too...
    But i just think, after reading your blog, that the latest stuff she has done was to try and say that the first few videos of Boxxy where just her playing a character, but you say that the videos were made long before she became famous, she just made them for her Gaia friends... Why would she be acting in them ?!

    To me the "FOAR EVERYONE" video, is NOT BOXXY, but Catie, trying to calm thing down. Still, she has the mimics and the make up... not like in the recent videos... If she was acting Boxxy, why didn't she make a video of her being "normal" in 2009...

    I just thing that she Really was Boxxy... in 2009.

    She probably is trying to save her image, by saying she was Acting, because imagine if she applies to a job, and the boss looks up her name on the internet...

    Still, i like the girl, and hope she doesn't get more troubles from being Boxxy a fex years ago...

    Please update the blog, it was very usefull to understand her story, now people need the "Volume 2" of the Boxxy Saga :)

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    It deserves a proper conclusion and some further analysis.

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